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We are offering the best Golf Clash Hack – How To Get Unlimited Golf Clash Gems and Coins (Android & iOS) to all our players. This tool will help you to gain free in-app purchase so that you can concentrate more on your strategy in your game. Golf Clash is a unique multiplayer golf simulation game from Playdemic. Available on iOS and Android platforms, this game lets you play against fellow golf enthusiasts from all over the world. Unlike most golf simulation games, however, this one does not have any dull moments full of checking angles and wind direction. It features a quick-fire control system where all you need to do is drag and release. This makes the game a lot more dynamic and easy to pick up.

Mastering it is another thing altogether, though. While you won’t need to worry too much about aiming, you will have to be very good at timing. A split-second too late in releasing the ball and you could easily end up with a terrible swing.

Golf Clash Hack and Cheats – with working Proof


Golf Clash game requires an in-app purchase which users can buy gems and coins with real money. If you are a player of this game you knew that getting resources will help you big in winning your game. What if you don’t have extra money to purchase those in-app items? This is the reason why our developers made the Golf Clash Hack so that you will just concentrate in your strategy.

We provided it automated, fully working and free which you can enjoy to the fullest. Similar Golf Clash game hack app are in the market but were useless and trash. Golf Clash Mod Apk were also being sold to the market. So in order for you to save time and money then just go right away to our classic Golf Clash Hack or Cheat.


  1. Generate Free Gems via Golf Clash Hack and Cheats Tool
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Golf Clash Cheats Free Gems and Coins No Survey
Golf Clash Cheats Free Gems and Coins No Survey


  1. Click The “ACCESS ONLINE GENERATOR” to start generating free gems and coins.
  2. Enter username/email of your account.
  3. Choose your desired amount of Free Gems on Golf Clash Game.
  4. Choose your desired amount of Free Coins on Golf Clash Game.
  5. Proceed to last step.

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Struggling to find the best clubs in Golf Clash or don’t know what to do when it comes to upgrading clubs? Check out the tips and tricks in this guide for the best upgrading strategies.

Golf Clash is a surprisingly deep golf game that you can play with your friends on Facebook, iOS, and Android. From clubs to stats and upgrades, its level of depth is essentially unmatched when it comes to other sports games on mobile devices. The way you progress through its courses and challenges gives it an RPG-like feel that leaves you with a sense of satisfaction when it’s all said an done.

However, one of the biggest roadblocks in the way of becoming a great player in Golf Clash is not knowing how to manage your coins and clubs. Any experienced player will tell you that sinking upgrades into clubs as you get them is absolutely not worth it, and I’m here to echo that sentiment. In this tips and tricks guide to Golf Clash, we’ll show you the best clubs in the game and explain how you’re going to want to manage your club collection. Note that you will be needing the use of the best Golf Clash hack in order to have high chances of winning in your game.


Let me bring your attention to the most complete and comprehensive community-driven spreadsheet for clubs on Golf Clash.

I didn’t create this spreadsheet, and it’s being managed by several veteran players over at /r/GolfClash on Reddit and the Playdemic forums. Having such a large number of contributors means that it’s constantly updated to stay relevant and correct, highlighting the best clubs in the game.


The spreadsheet can be a little confusing at first, so let’s talk about exactly what you’re looking at. The most important column is the last one, % Perfect Weighted. This column identifies the highest and lowest possible value for each club stat category, then it calculates the percentage of how “perfect” that club is. For example, if a club’s highest Power is 240, then that value is 100% perfect. If its lowest Power is 190, then that’s 0% perfect. At 215 Power, it’d be 50% perfect.

The average values for each stat category create an overall % Perfect Value for each club. However, club stats are weighted depending on the club type you’re looking at. For example, Power is the most important stat for Drivers. Therefore, Power has 75% weighting for the % Total Perfect value for Drivers.


Having this spreadsheet allows us to easily determine what the “best” club of each type is. Best is subjective here (of course) because a club can have a really low value for a stat you’re looking for, however, it can be much higher than the rest of the field in other stats (thus giving it a higher % Perfect Weighted score).

If this is the only information you’re interested in, you don’t have to look at any complicated spreadsheet. Here’s a table with that information:

Best Golf Clash Cheats Tips Tricks

These are the clubs you’re going to want to save your resources for. Be conscious of your experience while playing Golf Clash, though. Do you plan to play the game long-term and farm for the best possible clubs? If so, you’re probably going to only want to spend your gems on the clubs above.

If you’re a more casual player, you can check out the difference in % Perfect Weighted back on our spreadsheet. For example, if you really want a good Long Iron but can’t get your hands on The B52 and already have Tsunami, the % Perfect Weighted difference between a Level 7 B52 and Tsunami is just 0.4%. Just put those levels into your Tsunami.

However, you need to be mindful of the strengths and weaknesses of every club. However, the Curl, Back Spin, and Top Spin on this club is high above the Level 8 Nirvana, which is the top-rated Rough Iron. Ball Guide is generally an extremely important stat for Rough Irons though. This is why calling any club the best is a bit subjective. You need to really read into the stats. Generally you will be using our Golf Clash Hack online to concentrate in the game strategy.


Many players make the mistake of sinking all their coins into upgrading clubs to max level so that rewards will stop prioritizing them and go into other clubs. From my own personal experience and everything I’ve read on Reddit and forums, don’t do this.

There are a small handful of clubs for each club type that are good — but the rest you’ll never use. Through the spreadsheet in this guide, it’s pretty easy to identify which is which.

For Drivers, upgrading anything besides Extra Mile, Apocalypse, or Thor’s Hammer isn’t optimal. For Wood clubs, you only want to focus on Guardian, Sniper, and Cataclysm. Nirvana is the only Rough Iron you’ll ever use past Tour 7. Around that same time, you’ll be earning 300k+ coins per match and upgrading your clubs won’t be as tedious of a task.

However, you can’t just get to Tour 7 of Golf Clash by not upgrading clubs. You’re going to need to upgrade what you have as sparingly as possible so you can squeak by matches until you get your hands on one of the elite clubs. Don’t overdo it! You don’t need to upgrade any lower-tier clubs past the point at which you’re finding success with them. It’s a waste of your resources.

Golf Clash is a deep game that’s going to require some foresight before you jump right in and start splurging coins to upgrade every club. Save and make an upgrade plan for yourself. Focus on only the optimal clubs. Make use of the provided spreadsheet!

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