Dragon City Hack Get Free Gems – No Survey Cheats

Welcome to the newest Dragon City game hack and cheats for mobile and PC that can give you free gems this 2019. Dragon City is a Facebook game, developed by Jan Kirby and Social Point Team where you can breed, raise, and sell exotic dragons. The game can be downloaded in your Android or iOS devices. Similarly, you can also play this game on your PC using bluestacks and other tools.

Dragon City Hack Get Free Gems - No Survey Cheats
Dragon City Hack Get Free Gems – Working and Updated with Proof

Build and decorate a magical, floating Dragon City! In other words, you must train your cute baby dragons and evolve them into impressive beasts that will defend you in battle. Play Now! Start by visiting the official Dragon City website and download the game in your mobile or PC.


  1. FEED AND EVOLVE – Feed your dragons and make them evolve into strong beasts! In addition, you’ll be able to train them and teach them new skills.
  2. COLLECT 100’S OF DRAGONS – Collect over 600 dragons of different elements and rarities to complete the Dragon Book. You can become the top collector in the game!
  3. BATTLE AND WIN – Battle against other players in the Dragon Leagues and face exciting challenges in the tournaments to win lots of rewards!


Basically you have to purchase gems in the appstore for some bucks. There is also some tips, tricks and guides to get gems but the easiest way to get what you need without spending any money is to use our Dragon City Hack.


  1. Unlimited Gems via Dragon City Hack Tool
  2. Server based(Hack is online based)
  3. Jailbreak or root not required
  4. Available for all Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices
  5. Embedded Anti-Ban Script to avoid the risk of banning
  6. No Download
  7. No Ads
  8. Automatic Updates
Dragon City Free Gems Generator
Generate Free Gems Dragon City Hack No Survey


  1. Click The “ACCESS ONLINE GENERATOR” to begin Dragon City Hack.
  2. Enter username/email of your account.
  3. Choose your desired amount of Dragon City Gems.
  4. Proceed to last step.

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Dragon City Mobile employs players as the official caretakers of a floating dragon utopia. Discovering all new manners of dragons, training them for battle and breeding them with other players across the world. There’s over 100 different dragons to get in your roost and manage accordingly.

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It can be overwhelming at times when it comes to managing all the elemental dragons that you’ll come across. With these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats, we hope you’ll have a better understanding of how to build the strongest dragons imaginable.

Make Sure You Know About All the Elemental Dragons

Each dragon in the game fits under a specific elemental class. Check out the list below so you know exactly which elements exist:

  1. Terra
  2. Legend
  3. Sea
  4. Ice
  5. Dark
  6. Nature
  7. Metal
  8. Electric
  9. Pure
  10. War
  11. Light
  12. Flame

There Are Other Types of Dragons Besides Elemental Ones

Along with Elemental Dragons, there are three other classifications of dragons you need to be know about. For instance, the hybrid dragons which is Juggernaut and Hot Metal Dragon. Along with these other types, we’ll list a few examples of those dragon types:

  • Hybrid Dragons: Juggernaut Dragon, Hot Metal Dragon
  • Rare Hybrid: Cool Fire Dragon, Leviathan Dragon
  • Legend: Crystal Dragon, Mirror Dragon
  • Exclusive: Thor Dragon, Great White Dragon

Set Lower Times for Food if You’re Low on Gold

Harvesting food for your dragons takes some time and consumes a lot of your gold currency. The longer you spend harvesting dragon food, the more money it costs to finish the process. Choose foods that take less time to harvest, such as dragon balls and hot dragon chili’s, if you’re harvesting on a tight budget. When your pockets are a little more fuller, then you can spend some money on harvesting spike balls and star shines.

The Basics Behind The Habitat System

You can place any of your dragons in different habitats. They start to net you more gold per minute. Above all, the habitats that are available focus on different elements that generate different amounts of gold.

Align your elemental dragons with similar elemental crystals to gain 20-percent more gold per minute. After that, match up your dragons with the crystal element that matches them best if you can.

About All The Dragon Transformations

Dragon City Mobile’s official page listed all the different stages of evolving dragons:

  1. Egg – In this form the dragon is still in its egg stage that means he hasn’t hatched or seem the world around them.
  2. Baby – The baby stage is one of the cutest stage of your dragon designs. Because in this stage the dragon is in its Dark Icest form and patiently awaits you to return to their habitat for feeding!
  3. Teen – The teenage dragon is a bit more difficult to handle but now they can battle against other dragons and become even stronger and even help you through your game.
  4. Adult – This is the final stage for the dragon. Becoming an Adult means the dragons will have stronger attacks and be able to win against many battles in your game.

So How Does The Training System Work?

BGSite.com explained the benefits of placing your dragons in the training center:

This training center will give any level 15 dragons new moves. Note: you’ll need the Magic Temple to surpass the limit of level 10. The training moves are stronger compared to common moves and the learning moves process takes up to 48 hours. It’s not necessary to replace all moves but just replace similar element of attacks with trained moves e.g. replace earth attacks with earth attacks in training moves list and also remember which attack is the strongest.

When you choosing the moves, it should show how much of a % increase in damage it has. Always attack in combat by using the highest damage % attack in case you don’t remember what’s the weakness of your opponent’s dragon.

Use Gems to Purchase the Ultra Breeding Tree

BBGSite.com also posted up some tips on the best way to earn gems and what you should ultimately spend them on:

Even though you can play as a free user, you still have to buy gems. However, every time you level up (not your dragon), the game gives you gems. Try ignoring the the quests that ask you to speed up the harvesting or breeding process. The winning league also grants you extra gems.

Finish a collection of dragons in the dragon book and you can claim gems as well. The ultra breeding tree will help you reach the following goals faster. Remember to upgrade hatchery to enable the hatching of two eggs simultaneously.

Breeding Methods You Need to Know

Breeding helps you reproduce dragons and birth new ones. Refer to this breeding guide for visual examples of the dragons you can create through this method. You can spend your gems on dragon eggs to speed up the breeding process, but the following methods posted below goes toward aiding your breeding efforts:

  • Complete any and all collections in the Dragon Book to see which dragons can be obtained through breeding
  • Earn more dragons through combat victories and use them for breeding
  • Sell hatched dragons in order to earn more gems and experience, then use those gems to make your other dragon eggs hatch faster

Methods That Will Earn You More Gold

  • Daily Logins: Every time you log in consecutively, for 5 days, you get a reward.You can get a total of 1500 gold in just 3 days. So try to log in consecutively as much as you can
  • Upgrading Habitats: Upgrading your habitats is one of the most important things to do if you want more gold. Each habitat has a gold limit, and upgrading them increases the amount of gold each habitat can hold. It also increases the amount of dragons can be hold in it. Upgrading habitats costs a lot of gold, but you’ll get it back
  • Expansions: You want to spend gold on expansions in Dragon City. Buying expansions will give you more room to build whatever you want. In other words, you could build more habitats, which would be a great choose if your poor

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